Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's recently...

Moscow is getting warmer now, snow is melting, paths no longer slippery. Can't wait to see the spring, when the leaves grow and flowers bloom. Can't wait for summer, when I can see my dear family members. Dad just left a message on MSN, it has been quite a long time since my last call to them. Sorry mom and dad, I should call you more often. Just wanna to tell you here that I love you too and miss you. I will take very good care of myself! Sorry to make you worry of me all the time.

Today, I walked back home from school. I The snow was stained with black dust and it was no longer pure as it just fell, the traffic was busy, and it was drizzling. I walked as slow as possible and many thoughts ran through my mind at that time. I enjoyed the moment to be alone, with no friends and people talking to me. Every passenger is a stranger to me and no one will interupt me. Just need some time to be alone, just need some time to organize my thinking.

Influenza infection is serious in the hostel recently. Almost everyone get sick. I recovered from that but was infected again. Just hope that the infection will stop now!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

About Them

Today, I received a news that our college buddy Japheth is leaving to Australia. Suddenly, I just miss the time we used to spend together. During the 1st semester, we always hang out together, with SJ, Ah Bee and CH and Hui Ki. We have Chem101 and Engl095 together that time, then went makan after the class. But after the 1st sem, we talked lesser and lesser... However, before Hui Ki leaved us, we had one chance to get together again, the PD trip. Although it just 3 days, I gonna miss it for the rest of my life.

Japheth: Although sometimes you seem quiet, but I guess there's a lot of thoughts running through your mind. Do not forget, walk with God always, find a church when you are in Australia. I wish you all the best in your studies and health. Please take care! May you find good friends there.

SJ: Hoho... So happy that sometimes we still chat, at least we are not like lost of contact. Again, pls take care of yourself. Take more pic and let me see. Hope that you could success in your studies. US is waiting for you! Maybe someday I will pay you a visit there! Kaka....

Hui Ki: Dun fat liao la.... Muahaha... Jia you In US. Hope you can find truly friends there. Pray to God and read bible more. May you grow spiritually everyday! Enjoy your life there, appreciate everything! Be happy! May you success in studies and become a strong woman in financial industry!

When we were together

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Again, it has been a long long time since my last post. I am in Moscow now! A place that I have never dreamt before. Actually I have already been here for 4 months, just that I am too lazy to update my blog = = And now, that's the end of my first semester, that's why I have some time to write something here now.

Moscow, a place that is totally different from Malaysia, there's 4 seasons in a year and the winter is pretty long and cold; most of the people around you are with golden hair and fair skin, speaking a kind of weird slang known as Russian and that's propably the only language they know.

The uni I am studying is Russian State Medical University. Many would wonder why I chose Russia instead of US. I changed my decision just one week before my flight to US. After seeking for my interest for years, I finally found out that medicine is still something what I wanted to do, just that I was too afraid to take the step. Thank God for guiding me, after some prayers, I decided to come to Moscow. And amazingly, my parents gave me fully supportation.

My uni is about 15 to minutes walk from my hostel, I prefer walking to school every morning, eventhough sometime it is -18 celsius. The view along the way is just so nice and I enjoy breathing in the fresh air. However, when the ground is covered with ice or snow, it is really slippery, I have already fallen down a few times on my way to school. Just can't avoid it. Haha... Currently, I am taking 7 subjects, Anatomy & Histology, Russian language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, Latin language. Anatomy & Histology are the most stressful ones. There's another relaxing subject, physical training, twice in a week, just to keep your body fit and sound.

Nevertheless, there's a Malaysian Fellowship here, a place where you can share everything and grow spiritually with brothers and sisters. Our cell group named JOY, stand for Jesus, Others and You, which means Jesus is the priority, then others, and the last one is ourselves. I just feel that I am drawing closer to God after joining the cell group, here we learn to serve, share, pray and grow. Every members are excellent and special, I really enjoy the time we could spend together with God. There's also another fellowship group I am joining too, it is a Chinese bible study, same as JOY, we are together to know God better.

Well, I better stop crapping now! I guess looking at pictures will show you better my life here, as each of them reveals a thousand words. Muahaha...

The view of my uni, in front of sportza(the place wher we do our physical training) Christmas celebration with JOY group

We have turkey for Christmas XD

Everyone is leaving, and I was still completing my test = =

Here's the JOY group members when I first came, there are more ppl joining us now.

The autumn, taken in the uni at my first month here.

The same tree shown at the previous pic.

Kent, best friend and best classmate

My first Moscow trip - Red Square with friends

Microscop and me in histology department

This is the plane of our uni, I saw this pic hanging at the coner of wall in Histology department

Night view of Red Square, I remember that night was freezing cold

In the park, Yi Jun was buried in the snow, sometimes we skate on the lake at night.
That's just a brief of my beginning of life in Moscow, I guess there would be more interesting events occur in the future! Will post it later then when I am free... Wakaka :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ADP Summer 2008 Commencement Ceremony

Now, it's time to leave...

3rd March 2007 was my first day to reach Subang Jaya. Everything seemed so new to me, and I really took a long time to adjust myself.
I experienced diarrhea for the first three months, the water I drank was so different in Tampin's water. Although it was purified and boiled, it still tasted kinda weird. Haha... (I have already used to it now).
Time flies, and now is the time to leave.
2nd August 2008 was ADP Summer 2008 Commencement Ceremony, and it was my last day in Taylor's College. The ceremony was actually quite boring, but it was the last chance for me to meet some friends.

Wern Tyng, Amy and Foong Mey

Shaw Weng, Eva, Shi Teng

To every friends that I met in ADP, TBS, SAM and A Level, I will miss you!!!
I will miss everything that we had done together!
Pls take care of yourselves.

And of course my very dear and special housemate, Zara...
Gonna miss you so much! Thanks for your encouragement, sharing, and everything!


今天上网看到一位创作型宅男唱歌--外表不怎么样, 土土的,很可爱;





这小子喜欢拉高音, 而且很厉害,音域很广!


都很有特色, 他自己的特色!





Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank You and Sorry

Ok… I know that I did not update my blog for a very long time, I will add something new here now… To those friends who view my blog and always urge me to update it, thank you so much for your support and sorry for always disappointing you with the old posts… muahaha… You know, I am lazy…

There’s actually some interesting events happened during this period of time, I will write it down in different posts. Give me a bit more time. Hope you guys enjoy reading!